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Radiology Transcription

Experts in providing transcription of radiology procedures in both the imaging center and acute care hospital department setting. Our team has over 12 years combined experience in the field of Radiology and medical imaging studies. We aim to meet the requirements of each individual client with a focus on excellent quality and production. We offer innovative solutions at cost-competitive rates to meet your individual needs. We partner with you, the client, to make it “your solution” to radiology transcription.

We Are Next Door..

Our Head Office is located in Melbourne, Australia where the typing supervisor can be contacted via phone, email or text for any urgent situations. You do not have to make any overseas calls as everything is managed right here.

Technology Solutions

Our service completely integrates with your RIS (Remote Installation Service) and it means that there are no errors from cutting and pasting reports, further more it means that you do not have to allocate resources to manually enter reports once we have typed them. We work as direct uploaders.

Our typists work on your VPN (virtual private network) allowing them to type directly into your software. This ensures that we send the typed reports back to your clinic straight away and take some pressure off your staff at the front-desk. We meet any other requirement usually expected of an experienced medical typist and are flexible enough to make any adjustments as required by the client.

Achillez typists are experienced with a variety of medical typing softwares, including but not limited to: